Terms Of Service

NinjaDDoS.cf - Terms Of Service

This tool is for educational purposes only.

You cannot stress any servers that you don't have consent to stress.

Your account can be suspended at any time without warning if the TOS are broken.

You cannot share your account with ANYONE. Each account is limited to 1 person per account.

We are not responsible for how you use ninjaddos.cf, you take full responsibility.

DDoS services are strictly prohibited.

All sales are final! Chargebacks will Result In Account Closure and a Scam Report.

We may terminate your account without any warnings.

You cannot use this tool to harm any person, business, or organization in any way, shape, or form.

You cannot stress test any educational or government websites.

Do not login with VPN's / Proxies.

Our Terms Of Service can be changed anytime without notification.

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